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Yen Binh urban, industrial, agricultural and services complexes project (called Complex Yen Binh) is invested by Yen Binh Investment and Development corporation (Yen Binh Company) and also provided to plan on an area of over 8,000 ha under two district which are Phu Binh and Pho Yen. This location is the center of the 5 major cities including Hanoi, ...
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Hoang Mai I Industrial Park was approved by Prime Minister orienting Nam Thanh-Bac Nghe construction planning; moreover, it is one of the Priority Industrial Zone in Vietnam. This area is expected to attract domestic and foreign investors and create an area for manufacturing industrial production facilities, handicraft industry ...
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Hoang Mai II Industrial Park was approved by Prime Minister on 09/10/2023 according to Decision No. 1164/QĐ-TTg on a planned area of 334.79ha. Hoang Mai II Industrial Park is expected to be a new destination for projects manufacturing/assembling electrical, electronic devices; projects in renewable energy industry…
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Dung Quat Industrial Town has been invested in 2,000 billion dong by Hoang Thinh Dat Corporation. This project is expected to be breakthrough in infrastructures of Dung Quat Economic Zone and North Quang Ngai ‘s urban. Moreover, it will enlarge on Chu Lai Economic Zone and South Quang Nam where local government are …

Hoang Thinh Dat accompanies investors at the Vietnam – China Business Forum

On the occasion of an official visit to the People’s Republic of China, on the morning of June 28, in Beijing (China), Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh attended the Vietnam – China Trade and Investment Cooperation Forum, organized by the China Council for The Promotion of International Trade Council of China and the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam. Also attending this event were Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Liu Guozhong; the leadership of ministries, agencies, and more than 350 businesses from Vietnam – China.

Thủ tướng cùng các lãnh đạo tham dự diễn đàn

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, Chinese Deputy Liu Gouzhong and delegators attended the forum. Photo: Duong Giang/TTXVN

At the forum, representatives for ministries, braches and businesses of the two countries spoke, introduced the economic development situation; investment and business environment; the policy that attracts investment of each country; business and investment situation between Vietnam – China; and shared lessons, experiences in investment and business in each country.

Speaking at the Forum, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh thanked Chinese Prime Minister Li Qiang for his attention and guidance, and Deputy Prime Minister Liu Gouzhong for taking the time to attend and direct the Forum with brief, thoughtful, responsibility speech; and to request the Ministry of Planning and Investment, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade to urgently synthesize and absorb maximum comments at the Forum.

Thủ tướng phát biểu tại diễn đàn

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh spoke at the Forum. Photo: Duong Giang/TTXVN

Also on this occasion, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh met leaders of big corporations/groups in China.

Thủ tướng tiếp lãnh đạo tập đoàn Runergy

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh met the leader of Runergy Group. Photo: VGP/Nhat Bac

Chinese business leaders include: Texhong Group Chairman Hong Tian Zhu, Runergy Group Chairman Tao Longzhong, Energy China Group Chairman Song Hailiang, GOERTEK Group Chairman Jiang Binh, TCL CEO Wang Cheng, Truong Thanh Group Chairman Cheng Jinkui, Tianneng Group Chairman Zhang TianRen. These are corporations that are making large investments and wish to expand production and businessses in Vietnam.

At the meetings, the leaders of corporations appreciated and believed in Vietnam’s dynamic development; they are manufacturing and doing business effectively and do wish to continue expanding investment in Vietnam in a number of majors area such as: energy, industrial park infrastructure,  social housing, inland waterway ports, and manufacturing automobile exports, research and development, building supply chains in Vietnam…

In addition, the corporations asked the Government and the Prime Minister to direct ministries and other government authorities to continue to create more favorable conditions for businesses to invest and do business, including continuing to reform administrative procedures, providing a stable source of electric energy for production, providing enough leveling materials to build industrial parks, removing obstacles in fire prevention and fighting regulations,..

Listening to the opinions from corporations, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh acknowledged, appreciated, and congratulated to the production and business results of corporations; thanked corporations for choosing Vietnam as a base and expanding investment, production and business; asked for their trust and continuing to invest in Vietnam.

Thủ tướng tiếp lãnh đạo tập đoàn Thiên Năng

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh met the leader of Tianneng Nang Group.

Besides the fields that corporations propose to invest in, the Prime Minister shared that Vietnam encourages businesses, including Chinese businesses, to invest in the following fields: renewable energy industry; building power transmission systems, textile and garment supporting industries and building world-class fashion show floors…

The Prime Minister demands that, in addition to continuing to expand investment in production, and long-term stable businesses in Vietnam, businesses must pay attention to protect the environment, take care of workers’ lives, provide social welfare, “harmonious benefits, shared risks”.

Meanwhile, at the meeting, Runergy Group was awarded the Investment Registration Certificate for the group’s project in Vietnam by the Minister of Planning and Investment Ministry, Mr. Nguyen Chi Dung, witnessed by the Prime Minister. The group’s project “Manufacturing of monocrystalline silicon bars and semiconductor discs” has a total registered investment capital of 293 million USD, located in Hoang Mai I Industrial Park, Hoang Mai Town, Nghe An province with a land use area of 28.6ha; It is expected to go into official production in the first phase at the end of 2023.

Thủ tướng chứng kiến IRC trao cho tập đoàn Runergy

The Prime Minister witnessed the awarding of Investment Registration Certificate to Runergy New Energy Science and Technology Group investing in Nghe An province – Photo: VGP/ Nhat Bac

Accompanying Runergy Group and Tianneng Group at this event was also Mr. Hoang Van Duong – Hoang Thinh Dat Corporation’s Chairman and General Director – the investor and infrastructure developer of Hoang Mai I Industrial Park, and Hoang Mai II Industrial Park, where two Chiness corporations have decided to invest in building projects in Vietnam.

Lãnh đạo công ty Hoàng Thịnh Đạt tham dự sự kiện

Representatives of Hoang Thinh Dat Corporation were accompanied with other investors at the event.

The projects invested by two large Chiness corporations in Hoang Mai Town are expected to contribute to promoting economic development, social welfare and workforces for Hoang Mai Town in particular, and Nghe An Province in general. Hoang Thinh Dat Corporation has and continues to commit to accompanying, and supporting other investors in the future.

Thuong Hai (synthesized)

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