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Yen Binh urban, industrial, agricultural and services complexes project (called Complex Yen Binh) is invested by Yen Binh Investment and Development corporation (Yen Binh Company) and also provided to plan on an area of over 8,000 ha under two district which are Phu Binh and Pho Yen. This location is the center of the 5 major cities including Hanoi, ...
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Hoang Mai I Industrial Park was approved by Prime Minister orienting Nam Thanh-Bac Nghe construction planning; moreover, it is one of the Priority Industrial Zone in Vietnam. This area is expected to attract domestic and foreign investors and create an area for manufacturing industrial production facilities, handicraft industry ...
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Hoang Mai II Industrial Park was approved by Prime Minister on 09/10/2023 according to Decision No. 1164/QĐ-TTg on a planned area of 334.79ha. Hoang Mai II Industrial Park is expected to be a new destination for projects manufacturing/assembling electrical, electronic devices; projects in renewable energy industry…
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Dung Quat Industrial Town has been invested in 2,000 billion dong by Hoang Thinh Dat Corporation. This project is expected to be breakthrough in infrastructures of Dung Quat Economic Zone and North Quang Ngai ‘s urban. Moreover, it will enlarge on Chu Lai Economic Zone and South Quang Nam where local government are …
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Hoang Mai I Industrial Park – Nghe An


Hoang Mai I Industrial Park was approved by the Prime Minister as part of the orientation for Nam Thanh-Bac Nghe construction plan (Decision No 276/QĐ-TTg). This project is expected to attract domestic and foreign investors, provide areas for industrial manufacturing facilities, handicraft industry, and create jobs as well as income for the local workforce.

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The project has completed most of the infrastructure construction and received interest from several foreign investors operating businesses in different industries. 

Hoang Mai I Industrial Park’ s total area is 264.77 ha, of which:

  • Stage 1: 237.43 ha
  • Stage 2: 27.34 ha


Hiện trạng KCN Hoàng Mai I

Total area of the industrial park is 264.77 ha, in which the proportion of land use is distributed as follows:

  • Land for the construction of industrial factories: 180.95 ha, accounting for 68.34% of the total area of the industrial park.
    • Sector A: 87,77 ha
    • Sector B: 76,11 ha
    • Sector C: 17.07 ha
  • Industrial operations services center: 10.74 ha, accounting for 4.06%.
  • The technical infrastructure focal: 4.66 ha, accounting for 1.76%.
  • Land for the construction of roads: 22.42 ha, accounting for 8.47%.
  • Landscaping plant land: 31.65 ha, accounting for 11.95%.
  • Water face area: 14.35 ha, the proportion of 5.42%.


Hoang Mai I ‘s invested capital: 740 billion VND.


Duration for project activities is 50 years since the Investment Certificate is granted.


  • Chemical assembly Industry
  • Production of steel industry
  • Precision engineering industry
  • Processing wood, forest products Industry
  • Industrial manufacturing equipment used in the manufacturing industry, services
  • Industrial construction material, finished products for building
  • Processing of agricultural – forestry – minerals industry
  • Textile industry
  • Footwear manufacturing industry
  • Clothing industry
  • All businesses stipulated in Vietnamese Laws


  • Hoang Mai I Industrial Park has the most convenient connection with seaports, highway, and airports that helps to save cost and time for transportation and goods delivery, especially cost of import-export goods.
  • Located on Quynh Luu district of Nghe An, sharing the border with Thanh Hoa province, the industrial park benefits from the young and dynamic local workforce .
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Location advantages

  • 8 km from Dong Hoi deep seaport, Nghe An
  • 12 km from Nghi Son deep seaport, Thanh Hoa
  • Next to 1A high-way
  • 200 km from Hanoi capital
  • 3 km from Hanoi-Vinh Highway
  • 70 km from Vinh city
  • 60 km from Vinh International airport

Infrastructure system advantages

ISO ceritifed in management and operation

Hoang Thinh Dat Corp has been assessed and found conform with the requirements of worldwide-accepted standards: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018; ensuring the delivery of high quality performance in management, operation, maintenance, and repair of Industrial Park infrastructure.

Communication system:

The Industrial Park is equipped with a system of underground telecommunication cables of international standards, sustains for all communication needs and able to provide all necessary services such as private switchboard, IDD telephone, remote seminars, high-speed Internet, etc.

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Water supply system:

Water supply for factories in the Industrial Park is taken from Hoang Mai Water Supply Co., Ltd with a capacity of 80,000m3 / day.

Raw water is taken from Vuc Mau Lake, which is 13 km away from the Industrial Park’s water supply plant, and processed to meet the drinking water standards. Then it is led into tanks and booster pump to factories and ensure a constant supply of clean water for all activities in the Industrial Park.

Wastewater treatment system:

Domestic wastewater from factories, after the preliminary treatment to remove all hazardous chemicals beyond type B standard, is directed to the wastewater treatment station of the Industry Park. After that, it will be processed into wastewater of national type A standards before disposing into the Industrial Park’s drainage channels. The usual capacity of wastewater treatment plant is 12,800CMD, with a maximum capacity of 15,000CMD. 

Industrial Park’s internal transport systems are designed to ensure that traffic throughout the industrial area is unobstructed. The road system is designed with dimensions as follow:

– The central road axis of 36 meters in width

– The main street axis of 22.25 meters in width

All the internal roads are designed and constructed under strict provisions of Vietnam and completed with plastic Asphalt beton. The internal road systems are also equipped with full and aesthetic high-voltage lighting systems.

Electrical supply:

The power supply of the industrial park is taken from the national 500KV grid and a 110KV substation with a capacity of 2 x 63 MVA inside the Industrial Park.


1. Infrastructure lease fee (one-time payment) 55-60 USD/ m2 / until 2071
Depends on location and leased area
2. Land lease fee (according to local government’s regulations, annual payment) 0.06 USD/ m2/ year
3. Management & maintenance fee (annual payment) 0.05 USD/ m2/ month
4. Infrastructure lease payment schedule Upfront payment when signing agreement: 10%

Upon signing contract: 50%

Upon land handover: 30%

Upon receiving the Certificate of Land Use Rights: 10%

5. Clean water fee 0.45 USD/ m3
6. Wastewater treatment fee (subject to quality) 0.35 – 0.85 USD/ m3
7. Infrastructure integration fee  6,000 USD
8. Electricity bill
Peaked hours

Usual hours

Off-peak hours

3,093 VND/KWh = 0.13 USD/KWh

1,669 VND/KWh = 0.08 USD/KWh

1,084 VND/KWh = 0.05 USD/KWh

* Bills are subjected to EVN’s exchange rate at the payment time and will be paid directly in VND.

* Lease fees are based on Nghe An’s regulations.

* VAT is not included in above charges.



12km to Dong Hoi Deep Seaport
20km to Nghi Son Deep Sea Port
Next to to 1A Highway


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