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1. Eco-friendly project
2. Stable supply of qualified steam
3. Saving of initial investment and steam generation cost
4. Credible project developer ...
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Dung Quat Industrial Town has been invested in 2,000 billion dong by Hoang Thinh Dat Corporation. This project is expected to be breakthrough in infrastructures of Dung Quat Economic Zone and North Quang Ngai ‘s urban. Moreover, it will enlarge on Chu Lai Economic Zone and South Quang Nam where local government are …
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Yen Binh Complex - Thai Nguyen

Yen Binh urban, industrial, agricultural and services complexes project (called Complex Yen Binh) is invested by Yen Binh Investment and Development corporation (Yen Binh Company) and also provided to plan on an area of over 8,000 ha under two district which are Phu Binh and Pho Yen. This location is the center of the 5 major cities including Hanoi, ...
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Hoang Mai I Industrial Park was approved by Prime Minister orienting Nam Thanh-Bac Nghe construction planning; moreover, it is one of the Priority Industrial Zone in Vietnam. This area is expected to attract domestic and foreign investors and create an area for manufacturing industrial production facilities, handicraft industry ...


Hoang ThinhDat Corporation (Hoang Thinh Dat Corp) was established on March 5, 2004, under Business Certificate No.0101513696 issued by Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment, headquartered at 9th Floor, VEAM Tay Ho Building, Lot D, Area D1, Phu Thuong Ward, Tay Ho district, Ha Noi.

Currently, HoangThinhDat Corp’s authorized capital is up to 638 billion VND, and total assets account for 900 billion VND. HoangThinhDat Corp has successfully invested and developed a large number of significant projects in a variety of industries such as tourism services, hotel, real estate, industrial zone, hi-tech farming, mining and consulting activities.

Joint-ventures and partners

Currently, HoangThinhDat Corporation has been partner and joint-venters with following company:

  • YenBinh Development and Investment Corporation: 38%
  • Branch of Hoang Thinh Dat Corporation in Quang Ngai: 100%
  • Quang Ngai Water Supplying and Construction Joint Stock Company: 72.5%
  • Hoang Mai Water Supply Co. LTD: 50%

Current projects

+ Yen Binh Complex, urban, industrial, agricultural and services projects scale to more than 8,000 ha area in Thai Nguyen province. Hoang Thinh Dat Corporation cooperates with An Phu Long Corporation and foreign and domestic partners in order to implement this project. Some of the project’s typical components represented Yen Binh complexes as follows:

  • Yen Binh Industrial zone Project with a total area of 693 ha in stage I in which 200 ha had been leased by Samsung to develop Samsung Hi-tech Complex with 6.38 billion USD in investment capital by the time of December 2014. Stage I of the project has been put in operation currently.
  • Yen Binh Golf course with a scale of 36 holes (180ha) plans to start construction on QI/2015. Total estimate project’s investment capital is about 50 million USD.
  • Yen Binh Industrial service urban area stretching over 100ha of land has been planned and developed since Q1/2014 to provide housing and urban services for around 100,000 local working people and residents living within the project area. The Project’s investment capital totals around 70 million USD.
  • Hi-tech tea farming and processing project with scale over 380ha and 535 billion VND of investment capital in total have been started construction since Nov 2014.
  • YenBinh Smart Urban has a scale of 90ha and total investment capital of 8500 billion VND
  • YenBinh Agropark Hi-tech agriculture area has a scale of 295 ha and total capital investment of 2500 billion VND
  • YenBinh Water plant project with a capacity of 300,000 CMD has currently built in Coc Lake area. Phase I with the capacity of 25,000 CMD was completed in  July 2015.

+ Dung Quat Industrial Town Project is in progress and belongs to Dung Quat Economic Zone in Binh Son District, Quang Ngai Province. It has a total capital investment of 2,025 billion dong with a scale of 1303 ha.

+ Hoang Mai Industrial zone Project with a scale of 264.77 ha is located in Hoang Mai town, Quynh Luu District, Nghe An Province. Currently, this project has already completed whole infrastructure construction and has tried to attract a large number of both domestic and foreign investors approach

+ Hoang Mai Water plant with a scale of 80,000 CMD and estimate capital investment of 950 billion vnd is currently operating in Hoang Mai Commune, Nghe An province.

+ Coc Lake Eco-Tourism Park is developed by Coc Lake Development and Investment Corporation – a legal entity joint-established by Hoang Thinh Dat Corp and partners. The Project is planed in an area of 2.566 ha (including the water area) of COC LAKE in Pho Yen district, Thai Nguyen province. There are development components such as luxury hotels, private villas, Hotel with 300 luxury rooms providing excellent convenient services, 130 private villas with Vietnamese Northwest culture’s architecture and idea scenic view, entertainment areas and an area for experimental tours. Total capital investment is 2500 billion vnd.


  • Phuc Binh Water plant with a capacity of 500,000 CMD in  Vinh Phuc Province
  • Yen Binh Water plant with a capacity of 150,000 CMD in Thai Nguyen Province
  • Hoang Mai Water plant with a capacity of 80,000 CMD in Nghe An province
  • Quang Ngai Water plant with a capacity of 50,000 CMD in Quang Ngai Province
  • Quang Ngai Water Supplying and Construction Joint Stock Company  with a capacity of 45,000 CMD in Quang Ngai Province



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